Here you will find some extra details about the regular and special events we hold plus a link to a large version of the calendar.

Everything is added to our ‘event calendar’, so you can always see what we have lined up! If you want to add an event, or know of an event that is not listed, please email or telephone 01229 716115.

As well as the calendar page, you can also use the handy links below to see the up-and-coming events in the next week and month.

You can also go to any month (or year!) in the calendar to see what is taking place and when, and this is also handy for finding out what times are free if you want to book any of our venues for yourself.

Finally, always keep an eye out for the latest news to find out about the latest events and other exciting goings on.

If you have a forthcoming event, celebration or occasion, do not hesitate to call or email for a quotation.

 Bookings are made at the Broughton Information Centre on 01229 716115
or email

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