Victory Hall History

History and Background

Built in 1929 for the people of Broughton in Furness by Sir Robert Rankin, Lord of the Manor of Broughton Tower, the Victory Hall serves as a focal point for a widespread rural community.

In its heyday the Victory Hall embodied all that was best and forward looking and set a standard for other village halls to emulate. By the mid 1990s seven decades of sterling service had taken their toll and it was time to give the building a face-lift and a new lease of life.

The Millennium

Millennium Project was launched in 1996 with money being raised from a wide range of sources. The reconstruction, extension and refurbishment of the Victory Hall began in May 1999 and was completed in June 2002.

The £750,000 refurbishment created an outstanding facility for the 21st Century, and the Victory Hall was designated a “National Flagship Hall” by the Millennium Commission.

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